The technology group Wärtsilä is to supply a 12-year old fishing vessel with a Wärtsilä 32 engine, a NOx Reducer (SCR) selective catalytic reduction system, and a shaft generator. The new engine will replace an existing one from another supplier onboard the ‘Brennholm’, a 75 metre long vessel owned by Norway-based operator Brennholm AS. The installation will take place at the Orskov Yard in Denmark at the end of 2020. The order with Wärtsilä was placed in November 2019.

Wärtsilä solutions chosen to upgrade efficiency and environmental performance of Norwegian fishing vessel

According to measurements carried out in various operating modes, the fuel-efficient Wärtsilä engine will save approximately 13 percent in fuel costs compared to the vessel’s existing engine. Wärtsilä will also deliver a NOx Reducer (SCR) system that will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to the atmosphere by approximately 51,000 kilograms per year. These installations will enable the vessel to comply with the IMO’s Tier III regulations. The Wärtsilä scope also includes a shaft generator to produce electrical power for the ship’s network.

“To be competitive in today’s market conditions high efficiency is essential. At the same time, environmental regulations demand sophisticated emission abatement solutions, and we are pleased to be able to meet both these requirements – efficiency and compliance – to reduce the ‘Brennholm’s’ fuel costs and increase its eco-friendliness,” says Clement Stautland, Account Manager, Wärtsilä Marine.

“We have worked closely with Wärtsilä to develop what we believe is the best solution to meet our operating needs. We thank Wärtsilä for their good cooperation during the project phase, and for the excellent lifecycle support they offer. We are looking forward to having this top-level equipment installed,” says Lars Einar Sandtorv, Owner of Brennholm.

At Orskov Yard the focus is very much on environmentally-friendly solutions, so this fuel and eco-optimised package for the ‘Brennholm’ is something we are pleased to install,” says Lars Fischer, CEO at Orskov Yard

Wärtsilä is scheduled to deliver its equipment to the yard in October 2020.

Source: Wärtsilä