Last week, Klaveness second CLEANBU vessel, the MV Barracuda was named at anchorage outside Singapore by Ms. Su Yin Anand, head of Legal at South32 Marketing Singapore, one of KCC’s largest customers.

Klaveness Names Second Combination Carrier after First Cargo Switch

As all the other CLEANBU vessels, MV Barracuda was named after a “sea creature” to show KCC’s commitment to clean oceans and KCC’s ambition to be a driving force to improve the environmental footprint of deep-sea tanker and dry bulk shipping.

The naming ceremony was made after MV Barracuda completed KCC’s first successful switch between dry cargo and a cargo of clean petroleum products (CPP). The vessel loaded a cargo of gasoline in India for Singapore after completing discharge of alumina and cleaning the cargo tanks for CPP cargo in the Middle East in October. On this dry-wet round-voyage MV Barracuda effectively reduced the carbon footprint for this transportation work by 32% by replacing less energy efficient dry bulk and tanker vessels.

The CLEANBU vessels offer the most carbon-efficient deep-sea shipping solution available today, and has 30- 40% less GHG emission on the same transport work as standard dry bulk and tanker vessels. No other technical/commercial solutions can today reach similar reductions in emissions of green-house gases for deep-sea shipping.

Source: Klaveness Combination Carrier