As the 50th state in America, Hawaii is often the most forgotten. Admittedly, it is not a place you can just decide one day to visit and then make your way over there. It takes some planning. This is why so many people around the country dream of one day visiting this island state. It is actually made up of seven distinct islands, each with a certain beauty and majesty to it that makes the entire region simply breathtaking. As opposed to flying from one location to another, many travelers would agree that the best way to see Hawaii is by taking a cruise. Here are some reasons why that is the case. 

Hawaiian Cruises You Will Never Forget

Why People Love Cruises

Cruises really are unlike any other type of vacation. It is like being in your own floating resort, with every possible amenity available to you around the clock. Many people love cruises because you visit different destinations, while only needing to unpack your suitcase one time. Everything stays in your cabin at all times. No matter where the day might take you, your own cabin will be right there waiting for you when you return. Having all of your meals taken care of is another big selling that cruises have over other types of vacation packages. 

Something to Do For All Ages

Many people have likened cruise ships to floating cities. That is not far from the truth. There is so much to see and do onboard that you might not even feel the need to get out and experience the port that you dock in each day. There are shows, kids clubs, casinos, adventure activities, piano bars, live music, and so much more. No matter how old or young you are, there is something for you to do on a cruise ship virtually around the clock. There are so many different places to explore on the ship that you will find something new every day. You will also find many different shore excursions to take part in each day that will help you to explore all that Hawaii has to offer. 

What Makes a Hawaiian Cruise Different?

A Hawaiian cruise is different because of the state you will be seeing. While Hawaii is nowhere the largest state in the Union, it is comprised of multiple areas that are separated by water. That means that it is difficult to see the entire state without being on a cruise ship. Taking a cruise allows you to see the various islands without needing to take a flight each day and then worry about accommodation. Of course, you will likely want to stay a few days on either end of the cruise. For that, you can consider one of the many great luxury vacation rentals in Hawaii. This is yet another way to enjoy the cruise and all that you are about to experience. 

Cruise From North America to Hawaii

If you will want to experience Hawaii in a memorable way, leave from the mainland. You will have a chance to spend multiple days at sea, enjoying all that the ship has to offer. By the time you finally arrive in this tropical paradise, you will be more than ready to begin exploring on land. There are cruises leaving from several points in California and Canada. Just choose a departure point near you and get ready for a cruise you will never forget. 

Depart From Honolulu and Visit the Islands

There are cruises leaving from Honolulu virtually year round. You can choose from five or seven day cruises, and you will be able to see several of the islands before you return back to your starting point. This is a great way to see just about the entire state without ever having to worry about creating new hotel reservations. 

Now that you know the value of taking a Hawaiian cruise, it is time to let the planning process begin. There are literally dozens of possible Hawaiian cruises that you can take, each one sure to provide you with special memories that you are certain to not soon forget. Get your traveling party together and start deciding what everyone would like to do. You can then find the perfect cruise that will meet and even exceed those expectations. Remember to pack the camera, as this one is going to be a holiday to remember.