OAO Yamal LNG (Yamal LNG) announced the operational start of the new Arc7 ice-class LNG tanker Yakov Gakkel representing the fifteenth and final Arc7 ice-class tanker built specifically for the Project. 

Yamal LNG received all 15 ARC7 Ice-Class Tankers

The “Yakov Gakkel” has loaded the 354th LNG cargo in the port of Sabetta bound to China.

The Project’s Arc7 ice-class fleet is capable of shipping all of the LNG produced given the increased performance of the first three LNG trains and the planned launch of Train 4. 

The presence of all 15 Arc7 ice-class tankers creates additional opportunities from 2020 for optimizing the Project’s logistics both westbound and eastbound, including the more extensive use of the Northern Sea Route.

Source: Yamal LNG

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