Paris! A city of active life and romance. It's one of the most fabulous destinations in the world due to its magnificent monuments, breath-taking architecture as well as palaces. Do you want to explore this fantastic city uniquely? Its time for the best cruises in Paris. Take a tour of the Seine river as you explore the city of lights. There are several cruise tours, and it can be daunting selecting the best one. Take a deep breath and relax! Here are the best Paris cruises that you ought to take. 

Here Are 3 Best Paris Cruises and Places to Visit

  • The Bateaux Parisiens seine river cruise 

The romantic vibe offered by Paris hardly comparable to any destination worldwide. Now! Imagine having the best food tours in Paris with your spouse on the most lavish cruise! How mind-blowing is that? Make this dream a reality by taking the Bateaux Parisiens offer. Enjoy magnificent dinner and different cuisines as you enjoy the breath-taking sunset.  

Get a chance to float past the city's beloved monument, known as the Louver Museum. Also, see the Ile De La Cite and the Eiffel tower, which enjoying an exquisite dinner that's full of Paris signature dishes.

Take this chance to appreciate the marine life within the Seine river. You can spot the grey heron, which's entirely adapted to city life.

Have an opportunity to enjoy live music in the background, which sets the evening tone for a perfect romantic getaway with a memorable dining experience.

  • Champagne river cruise  

Add a touch of spark into your Paris tour by indulging in a gorgeous champagne tasting cruise along the Seine River. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about various champagnes and how to pair them with meals. 

You can also get an English-speaking sommelier to guide you through the champagne experience. One can enjoy three exquisite champagnes as you pass through the Louvre, Musse d’Orsay, as well as the Eiffel tower. 

Get a chance to see the dozens of marine lives within the seine River. You might be lucky and spot the Atlantic salmon, which is one the European union's list as an endangered species.

  • Paris Seine River cruise 

Do you want to savor a laid-back day within the city of love? Having a brunch cruise is the ideal way to have fun while enjoying surreal sightseeing from the Seine River. You can also dine with family and allies.

You can board the boat from the city center and float through the river. It's a unique chance to admire the beautiful attractions within the city as you indulge in both cold and hot, mouthwatering dishes and desserts.

It’s a chance to take a leisurely tour with no hurry. It's a unique chance to spot the kingfisher as it plumages effortlessly into the river for its prey. One can also see the great cormorant flying low over the surface of the river Seine.

A tour of Paris wouldn’t be complete unless you participate in the best food tours in Paris. Hop on any of the phenomenal barges which ply the Seine to have the most fabulous luncheon or dinner. It's a chance to create unforgettable memories that will always linger in your mind.