Employee-owned engineering, planning, and construction firm KCI has been awarded a contract for the detailed design of the Greenfield scope of the Southern Hub Asset Rationalisation Project (SHARP) by Perenco UK.

KCI to design platform from jack-up rig for Perenco

KCI said on Monday via its social media channels that the SHARP project would combine an existing platform producing from the Leman and Inde fields in the Southern North Sea into one production hub.

To allow for this, a jack-up rig will be converted into a compression platform 27BC and will be connected via a bridge to the existing Leman 27BT platform.

From here, production will be sent to the Bacton gas terminal in Norfolk UK via the existing PL24 pipeline.

KCI is responsible for detailed engineering of the 27BC jack-up rig including the bridge connecting 27BC and 27BT with engineering support for structural, mechanical, and safety installations and the design of interconnections between all modules and equipment.

According to the company, the engineering scope is expected to be completed in June 2020, while first gas from 27BC is planned in February 2021.

Perenco sanctioned the SHARP project back in October 2019 with its rationale at the time being the extension of life and cost-cutting on “aging” fields.

Both Leman and Inde are very old fields, both first discovered in 1966. The Leman gas field is located 48 kilometers northeast of Great Yarmouth. It extends across two blocks and Leman East, operated by Perenco, includes 19 compression, accommodation, and wellhead platforms while Leman South was developed as a single-well subsea tieback to Leman East.

Leman West is operated by Shell and currently utilizes 14 platforms including three multi-platform complexes.

The Indefatigable (Inde) gas field lies 75 kilometers in the Southern North Se. Two blocks are owned by Shell and two are owned by Perenco.