Tallink Grupp’s popular vessel Silja Europa will set sail to Turku Repair Yard in Naantali, Finland, on Sunday, 26 January for scheduled maintenance and planned renewal works. The vessel will stay in Turku Repair Yard for two weeks, returning to the Tallinn-Helsinki route on Sunday, 9 February.

Tallink’s Vessel Silja Europa To Be Renewed At Turku Repair Yard in Naantali, Finland

During the scheduled docking, the vessel will undergo considerable renovation of several key passenger areas. Also, technical upgrades will be carried out on the vessel.

For example, several entertainment areas such as the Starlight Palace show bar, the Satellite Bar and Sauna Bar will be refreshed and receive new equipment. In addition, the Starlight bar will receive a brand new sound technician booth and equipment. New carpets will be installed in several passenger and crew areas including in 37 cabins, the SPA, the stairwells, the bridge and 6th deck crew corridor. The ceilings in two passenger areas - the Buffet Restaurant and Sea shop - will be completely renovated. The ship’s Conference area will also receive a fresh new look, as the two existing conference rooms will be joined into one, more spacious Conference room.

On the technical side - like all Tallink’s vessels undergoing scheduled dockings in 2020 - preparations will be made to the vessel for the use of high-voltage shore connection during its port stays. Other important technical improvements to the vessel will include installation of the Ballast Water Treatment System to better address the environmental challenges of shipping and to enhance the protection of the local marine environment. As part of the planned maintenance works, the vessel’s provision cooling system as well as the ship’s automation and power management systems will be replaced.

Commenting on the Silja Europa planned works, captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Tallink Grupp’s Head of Ship Management, said:

"Silja Europa is the largest cruise ferry operating on the Baltic Sea and is very popular among our customers for both regular day cruises as well as special cruises offered over the spring and summer period. Therefore, it is very important that we regularly modernise the vessel, so it continues to provide a top-of-the-range travel experience to our customers.

„Increased energy efficiency and reduction of emissions are a top priority for Tallink fleet. Silja Europa will return to the route fully ready for the high season, will have the latest technology on board and will continue to offer an outstanding service – both in terms of improved comfort as well as sustainability - to all its passengers for many years to come.“

Silja Europa is the fourth Tallink Grupp’s vessel to go to dock in the first quarter of 2020. Tallink runs a continuous ship renovation programme, according to which all the group’s vessels are updated and refreshed during a five-year period. In the last five years alone, the company has invested nearly 90 million euros into upgrading its vessels.

Source: Tallink

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