PGS will commence the Painimaut 3D MultiClient program in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in early February. The program is expected to last for approximately 60 days and has strong industry funding.

Ramform Hyperion to Start New 3D Survey in PNG
Caption: Power, tow-density, and redundancy are the keys to maximizing safe, efficient, high-quality seismic data production. Ramform Hyperion delivers them all.

Ramform Hyperion will acquire the survey. The Ramform Hyperion is one of the largest, most advanced 3D seismic vessels in the industry with a length of 104 meters and an aft beam of 70 meters, providing an extremely stable platform for seismic acquisition. During the two month program, the vessel will be towing a 12 x 8 km x 150 m streamer configuration with a triple-source.

The survey will provide modern 3D data over held and vacant acreage in the frontier Papuan Basin. Fast-track 3D data over Phase 1 will be available end of April 2020.

Caption: PNG Department of Petroleum and Energy officials and industry guests onboard the Ramfrom Hyperion (left to right): Pilu Kouvali, Jimmy Haumu, Anton Kevin, Rick Irving, Kila Kila Navu, Scotty Tomseng, Gregory Balavue, Boio Arua, George Imanaui, Bridgitta Pondros, Guyford Sihinue, Jezreel Himore, Charlyne Lawton and Doreen Kava.

While the Ramform Hyperion was in port on 27 January, PGS hosted PNG government and industry guests onboard the vessel. This is the first time a Ramform Titan-class vessel has visited PNG, and it is an exciting new chapter in the exploration offshore PNG for both PGS and the PNG Government.

Source: PGS