Due to a technical issue, which has appeared during the docking of Tallink Grupp’s vessel Silja Europa (see also CruiseMapper) and which requires a spare part to be delivered, which will take some time, the ship’s return to the route will be delayed. Originally the Tallinn-Helsinki route cruise vessel was due to return to the route from docking on Sunday, 9 February, but is now estimated to return on Tuesday, 18 February at the earliest.

Tallink Grupp To Reroute Its Tallinn-Stockholm Route Vessel Victoria I To The Tallinn-Helsinki Route Between 9-18 February
Caption: Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Victoria I - Image courtesy of Wolfgang Berthel

The company has today made the decision to reroute one of its Tallinn-Stockholm route vessels, Victoria I (see also CruiseMapper), to the Tallinn-Helsinki route for this period.

Tallink Grupp’s Sales Director Marina Jõgi commented on the decision: „The company has made the decision to reroute Victoria I to the Tallinn-Helsinki route for this period since the number of bookings for Silja Europa for this period is significantly higher than the bookings for Victoria I, so fewer customers will be affected if we make due to this change.  

„We will now be contacting all the customers who have made bookings for Victoria I for the period 9-18 February and offering them the options of either cancelling their trips, postponing their trips or alternative routes for travel. We will work hard to find the best possible solution for all those affected and are very sorry for the inconvenience this decision will cause to our customers. As always with situations like these, our main priority is to limit the impact on the customers and ensure everyone gets the solution best for them.“

All Silja Europa bookings for the period 9-18 February will be transferred to Victoria I, which will operate on the Tallinn-Helsinki route according to the normal Silja Europa Schedule from 9 February.

Source: Tallink Group