Seabulk Towing Holdings Inc. (Seabulk), a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CKH) (SEACOR), announced today that it is participating in a U.S.-based carbon offset project to neutralize carbon emissions from the physical operation of its harbor tugs in 2020. Seabulk, through its affiliates, currently provides approximately 22,000 harbor assists each year in ports throughout Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.

Seabulk Announces Carbon Offset Program For Its Ship Assist Operations

“We are pleased to announce our investment in an accredited carbon offset program, which demonstrates Seabulk’s commitment through this initial step toward longer-term solutions that improve or eliminate direct emissions from our equipment. As an industry leader, we are focused on supporting our customers that prefer lower carbon supply chain solutions” said Daniel Thorogood, chief executive officer of Seabulk.

Seabulk’s Ocean Transportation & Logistics Services group is also proud to operate deep-sea vessels, which offer some of the most fuel efficient Jones Act transportation solutions in the U.S. coastwise petroleum and chemical products trades.

Daniel Thorogood continued, “At Seabulk, we are focused on reducing our environmental footprint with all available tools, including innovations that improve operational efficiencies as well as investing in the cleanest technologies, such as our four new harbor tugs.”

The four new harbor tugs provide an approximate 70% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter as compared to the tugs being replaced. Two of the new tugs will be hybrids equipped with diesel mechanical and electric motor propulsion systems offering improved fuel economy relative to conventional diesel mechanical harbor tugs. They are also designed for future installation of batteries.

Source: Seacor