The Port Authority of Almería (APA) is carrying out a study to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the ferries that operate in the Port of Almería. By supplying this fuel - cleaner and more efficient - the APA aims to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and achieve a more sustainable port area.

Spain’s Port of Almeria carries out study to supply LNG to the ferries

To carry out the study, the APA awarded the company Engineering Procedures for Industry and Energy the technical assistance for the assessment and study of the supply of LNG to ferries, for an amount of 10,587 euros.

For its part, the Security Division of the Port Authority carries out a security study, prior to the start-up of the service. In order to carry out the service next summer, the APA will modify the current manholes, as well as the fire fighting facilities.

The supply of LNG, which would be carried out with trucks, in addition to its contribution to the sustainability of the Port, may allow the recruitment of shipping companies that have ships that use this fuel.

Source: APA

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