The last couple of weeks saw several ‘industry first’ LNG ship-to-ship (STS) bunkering operations in 3 different European countries. All operations involved.

LNG STS bunkering – ‚First-off‘ operations in France, Germany and Norway

TGE Marine’s gas handling systems or fuel gas systems on the supply side or on the receiving side.

In France Shell and Carnival carried out the first-ever ship-to ship LNG bunkering operation.

On May 4th in the port of Marseille the Cruise Ship ‘Costa Smeralda’ received LNG from Anthony Veder’s Coral Methane operated under charter to Shell

In German waters for the first time a product tanker received LNG as fuel via a STS bunker operation.

In Norway Heerema’s offshore crane vessel ‘Sleipnir’ received LNG from Gasum as shared via their linked-in channel.

TGE Marine supplied the cargo tanks and LNG handling system on the ‘Coral Methane’ as well as the LNG fuel gas systems and fuel gas tanks on the ‘Ramelia’ and ‘Sleipnir’.

“For all three unpreceded operations TGE Marine congratulates all parties taking part in the successful completion and we are proud that TGE’s systems set the pace for the use of LNG as clean fuel.”

Source: TGE