Тallink Grupp will start operating a temporary regular ferry route between Helsinki and Riga from 26 June until 15 August, giving travellers in the region the unique opportunity for direct travel between Finland and Latvia by ship this summer.   

Tallink launches new regular ferry route for summer 2020 between Helsinki and Riga

Operating on the route will be one of the company’s and the Baltic sea’s most glamorous vessels, Silja Serenade, which usually operates on the Helsinki-Stockholm route. The route will have frequent departures with the vessel sailing from both capital cities every other day throughout the summer. The arrival and departure times allow travellers from both countries to enjoy a leisurely voyage onboard Silja Serenade overnight and spend the day or possibly longer exploring the local sights at the destination.

The timetable for the departures every other day from 26 June is the following:

  • 16.00 Departure from Helsinki, Olympia terminal
  • 10.30 Arrival in Riga the following morning
  • 16.30 Departure from Riga
  • 11.00 Arrival in Helsinki, Olympia terminal

In addition to ferry tickets on the route, Tallink Grupp will be offering customers travel packages to Riga, including accommodation at the group’s conveniently located Tallink Hotel Riga and tickets to local attractions and much more. For example, Tallink Hotel Riga offers accommodation packages for 2, 4 or ore nights for a longer and more relaxed discovery of the Latvian capital.

„The Riga-Helsinki route is not completely new for us as we have provided special cruises between the Nordic and Baltic capital in previous years, always with great interest from and success among our Finnish customers,“ Paavo Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp said.

„As this summer and high season are very different from any previous years and we have had to completely rethink and redesign our services in a very short timescale, we have listened to what our customers have said to us about their travel and destination preferences this summer and I am pleased that we are able to offer people in the region some great new travel opportunities close to home.“

„With regular sailings from Helsinki and Riga every other day from 26 June, Silja Serenade and her crew are looking forward to welcoming passengers on board and we are ready to ensure that, despite the recent challenging times, this summer does not have to pass without everyone having the opportunity to make some amazing travel memories in the comfort of our own Baltic sea region. The Baltic states have been able to demonstrate that we have been able to stop the spread of the unexpected visitor Covid-19 spread in our countries and therefore we are able to provide a safe destination for travellers,“ Nõgene concluded.  

Tickets for the new Helsinki-Riga route sailings onboard Silja Serenade are available from 4 June 2020 and can be purchased on the company’s websites www.tallinksilja.fi and www.tallink.lv.

Travellers from Estonia are able to join the trips from Helsinki and are also very welcome onboard.

Onboard Silja Serenade great care is taken to ensure everyone’s safety with frequent cleaning and disinfecting, capacity restrictions in restaurants and bars at different times, different entertainment options to ensure adherence to regulations and much much more. Whilst ensuring everyone’s safety, significant attention is also paid to passenger comfort, entertainment, good food and relaxation.

Source: Tallink