Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner has decided to suspend the Gothenburg Express (GTE), Sweden Denmark Express (SDX) and Russia Express (REX) feeder services until further notice. 

ONE Offers alternate Scandinavian and Baltic Feeder Service

Ocean Network Express (ONE) will continue to serve our customers by offering 3 alternate services covering the related ports in the Scandinavia and Baltic region through a structural cooperation with Xpress Feeders. 

The details of the alternate services are: 

  • Denmark Sweden Express (DSX) - will service the Scandinavian ports of Fredericia, Copenhagen and Helsingborg, with the first sailing ETA Hamburg 3rd/July,
  • Poland Express (PEX) - will maintain a regular and reliable service from Gdynia to Hamburg, with the first sailing ETA Gdynia 30th/June, 
  • Belgium Baltic Express (BBX) - a dedicated shuttle in and out of Riga via Rotterdam and Antwerp with first sailing ETA Rotterdam 4th/July, 

These services are expected to maintain stability and efficiency for our valued customers in the European market. 

Source: ONE