American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier Group Inc. (ARC) announced on Thursday (Jul 02) the successful launch of our new ocean transportation IT system, ARC-OCEAN

ARC Launches New Ocean Transportation System

The new system will operate in concert with many existing technology integrations that interface with U.S. Government and other customer and partner systems.

The “new software facilitates continued integration with customer booking and management systems,” according to Tim Fletcher, ARC’s Manager of Customer Service, and “will greatly enhance ARC’s ability to continue to provide exceptional service to our clients.” It also contains enhanced cybersecurity-related functionality necessary for ongoing compliance with cybersecurity best practices and related requirements.

For each vessel in ARC’s U.S.-flag fleet, a specific voyage number was identified to serve as the designated “first voyage” in ARC-OCEAN. Bookings and bills of lading associated with prior voyage numbers were completed in the legacy system while bookings and bills associated with the “first voyage” and any subsequent voyages were set up to occur in the new ARC-OCEAN system.

The seamless, full transition from our previous ocean system to the new ARC-OCEAN system was completed on June 30, 2020.

Source: ARC