Vroon reports that platform-supply vessel (PSV) VOS Paradise has spent the last few weeks on charter to Weyres Offshore Gmbh, a company specialised in the provision of bubble-curtain services. This job was slightly ‘out of the ordinary’ for Vroon’s vessel and crew, who are more used to operating out of Aberdeen, supporting Company’s clients in the Oil & Gas sector. 

VOS Paradise at work for Weyres Offshore

A bubble curtain is an underwater noise-mitigation system, most commonly used during preparation and construction works on offshore wind farms. During such operations, noise emissions occur that can harm marine fauna. A bubble-curtain-support vessel, equipped with air compressors on deck, can deploy a perforated hose on to the seabed to encircle the worksite. Air is then pumped through the hose, with the resulting bubbles creating an underwater curtain that contains noise waves, thus protecting marine life in the vicinity. 

During this particular project, unexploded ordnance (UXO), much of it dating from the Second World War, was to be detonated by contractor Boskalis in preparation for further construction on the site. While Boskalis’ lead vessel Kamara performed the UXO detonations and Faxaborg acted as guard vessel, VOS Paradise successfully deployed and operated the bubble curtain during 23 UXO detonations. This was an intensive job, well carried out by the Captain and crew. 

“Vroon Offshore Services Den Helder has previously supported noise-mitigation projects for many valued clients in the Renewables sector. We are proud that VOS Paradise has become the latest vessel in our fleet to participate in yet another interesting and extremely successful project.” 

VOS Paradise is the second in a series of six PX121-type PSVs featuring the Ulstein-patented X-BOW design and built at Cosco Guangdong Shipyard in China for Vroon. The vessels operate primarily in European waters and are managed by VOS Den Helder.

Source: Vroon