On June,2020, Gloryholder Liquefied Gas Machinery (DL)Co., Ltd. (LGM) has signed a contract to design and supply LNG fuel gas supply system for two 13,000 DWT Chemical Tankers with Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Company Limited (YZJ). 

LGM Engineering signed contract for supply of LNG fuel gas supply system to two 13,000 DWT Dual fuelled Chemical Tankers

The shipowner is Tarbit Tankers B.V, and the Classification Society is BV.

The complete LNG fuel gas supply system delivered by LGM Engineering includes the design and manufacture of double vacuum insulated LNG fuel tanks with integrated tank connection space (TCS), LNG bunkering station modules, water glycol system, ESD systems, gas detection system, installation guidance, commission, crew training and etc.

Source: LGM