Island Offshore has ordered battery packs and shore connections for three platform supply vessels. Island Crusader has already been sailing on battery since early summer.

Island Offshore orders battery packs and shore connections for three platform supply vessels

“Ordering energy saving and eco-friendly systems for all three vessels is very pleasing. Two of the vessels are already running on natural gas (LNG) or optionally MGO (Marine Gas Oil), and will now additionally have batteries and shore connection installed. This will contribute significantly in reducing emissions,” says a content Managing Director Tommy Walaunet in Island Offshore Management AS.

A battery pack can be used as spare capacity and extra safety when the vessel is alongside a rig, thus saving both fuel and generator running hours. In addition the battery will contribute with quick and effective power during transit, reducing the need to start up an extra generator for peak loads. As the gas engines perform best when running on constant load, the combination with batteries is ideal.  

“The generators does most of the work while the battery absorbs the variations up and down, resulting in smooth sailing without the great need of extra engine power to handle head sea,” Walaunet explains.

Kongsberg Maritime will deliver batteries and Energy Storage System (ESS) for the three sister vessels. They also delivered design, propulsion, engines and other main equipment when the vessels were built.

All three vessels are chartered by Lundin Energy Norway on long-term contracts.

Will not affect deck capacity

The vessels will be equipped with battery containers placed on a mezzanine deck aft of the wheel house, to avoid the vessels loosing valuable deck space when working as supply vessels. In addition shore power connections will be installed enabling the vessels to lay alongside quays without using engine power where shore side electrical power is supplied. In ports without shore power vessels can activate harbour mode, using battery power only. This reduces engine-running hours significantly, and is a considerable contribution to reduce the local environmental impact, as well as fuel costs. The generator will only start up when the batteries are discharged, in order to recharge them. 

“All three vessels have been chartered on long term contracts by Lundin previously, thus Lundin know our vessels well. By further developing these vessels together with us, they show that they take their environmental responsibility seriously and wish to reduce their environmental footprint. This is an important priority for us as ship owners as well,” says Walaunet.

Island Crusader entered into service 4th of July, chartered to support the rig West Bollsta, while Island Contender will support Rowan Viking commencing in the spring of 2021. Island Commander is already on contract for Lundin, and will keep supporting the drilling activity on Edvard Grieg as she does today. The new three year period for Island Commander will commence in November.

Source: Island Offshore