Eastern Shipbuilding Group said it has delivered the second of two 80-foot, 5,100-horsepower Z-drive tugs for Bisso Offshore, a division of E.N. Bisso & Son of New Orleans, La.

Eastern Shipbuilding Delivers Tug to Bisso Offshore
Caption: A. Thomas Higgins - Image courtesy of Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Following delivery on June 11, the newbuild ship-handling tug A. Thomas Higgins completed its bollard pull testing witnessed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and received its USCG Sub-M Certificate of Inspection (COI). 

In addition to  A. Thomas Higgins, E.N. Bisso has taken delivery of five previous modern Z-drive ship assist tugs from Eastern from 2007, including Josephine Anne, Beverly B, Elizabeth B, Archie T. Higgins and sister vessel C.D. White delivered in January of this year and is currently working in New Orleans.

The two new Robert Allan Ltd.-designed RApport 2400 design tugs A. Thomas Higgins and C.D. White have been customized by the designer, the builder and owner to provide specific operational features including a high bollard pull forward and aft, enhanced maneuverability and escort performance, better fuel economy, crew comfort, safety under the new USCG Sub-M requirements and reduced emissions meeting the new EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations.

RApport 2400 Ship Handling Tug

  • Dimensions (Molded): 80’ x 38’ x 13’-2”
  • ESG Designation: Hull 226
  • Fuel Oil: 28,000 USG
  • DEF/Urea: (2) x 850 USG
  • Potable Water: 8,750 USG
  • Total Horsepower: (2) x 2,550 HP at 1,800 RPM
  • Bollard Pulls: 66.10 Short Tons Stern Pull, 64.20 Short Tons Bow Pull
  • Main Engines: (2) LA CAT, Caterpillar 3512E Tier 4 EPA/IMO III marine propulsion diesel engines
  • Main Propulsion: (2) Kongsberg/Rolls Royce US205 P20 Z-Drives

Main Generators: (2) Kennedy Engines Co. John Deere 4045AFM85 Tier 3 EPA certified Marine Auxiliary Diesel Generator Set, each rated at 99kW @ 1,800 RPM

Firefighting: (1) Counterfire ES-125-400, 1,500 gpm at 100 psi, diesel engine driven and 4” Stang remote-controlled fire monitor

Forward Hawser Winch: (1) Markey Machinery, Inc. Model DEPCF-42 HS, Single Drum 40HP, Render/Recovery, Line Tension Display, Electric Escort Hawser Winch

Aft Capstan: (1) Markey Machinery, Inc. CEPB-40 5HP Tow Bitt Capstan

Tow Hook: (1) Washington Chain & Supply 90 Ton SWL tow hook, electric-air remote control, manual or remote release

Regulatory: USCG Sub-M, Certificate of Inspection (COI) (Oceans), designed and built to ABS class standards (but not classed under ABS rules)

Flag: U.S. 

E.N. Bisso currently has a tug fleet of 18 vessels featuring a blend of eight modern tractor tugs along with conventional twin-screw tugs. operating on the Mississippi River, in the Port of Gulfport, Miss. and Port Canaveral, Fla.

Eastern Shipbuilding Group said it has delivered seven vessels of various sizes and designs over the past 12 months.

Source: Eastern Shipbuilding