The Barents Sea, lead ship in a series of four processing trawlers of Project KMT01 under construction at Vyborg Shipyard (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) for JSC Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet (a company of North West Fishing Consortium), left for sea trials in the Baltic Sea on 24 August 2020, says USC.

Vyborg Shipyard sends its first trawler of KMT01 design for sea trials

The Barents Sea is the first large-capacity trawler of RS class built by a Russian shipyard for the recent 30 years.

Each ship of the series will be able to process 160 tonnes of fish per day. The vessels of Project KMT01 with dimensions of 86 m x 17 m will have Ice3 Class and with an option of hull strengthening to Arc4 Class are intended for operation in the Northern fishing basin. Onboard the vessels there will be installed an automated plant for processing and production of fillets, fish meal plant, equipment for fish oil production and a canning plant. 

Vyborg Shipyard is currently building eight large trawlers in a variety of modifications of KMT01 and KMT02 designs.

Vyborg Shipyard sends its first trawler of KMT01 design for sea trials

A series of KMT01 trawlers numbering four units has been under construction on a turnkey basis from 2017.

The lead ship named Barents Sea laid down on 31 May 2017 was launched on 5 December 2018. The construction is covered by the programme of investment quotas encouraging the construction of fishing ships at domestic shipyards.   

PAO Vyborg Shipyard (part of state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation from 2012) is one of the largest shipbuilding companies of the North-Western Region of Russia. Since its foundation in 1948 the shipyard has built 210 different vessels, 9 offshore drilling rigs and 105 topside modules for fixed offshore platforms with total displacement of over 1,550,000 tonnes.