Last week, Pavilion Energy and its partners marked several firsts in the completion of a two-truck truck-to-ship (TTS) LNG bunkering operation for Singapore’s first conventional fuel bunker tanker propelled by LNG. 

Pavilion Energy and its partners marked several LNG bunkering firsts at Jurong Port

It was also the first LNG bunker delivery for the receiving vessel, Vitol Marine Vicky and the first delivery completed by a newly-ordered LNG truck with our appointed operator. The operation, which was completed in full compliance with the safety and safe distancing measures, involved a transfer of 34m3 of LNG from the trucks to the receiving vessel at Jurong Port.

The new LNG-enabled equipment involved in this operation demonstrates the industry’s commitment to the development of LNG as a marine fuel in Singapore.

Following this operation, Pavilion Energy will be commencing regular LNG TTS operations with the Marine Vicky under a supply contract with V-Bunkers Tankers, a Vitol subsidiary. As an LNG bunker supplier in the Port of Singapore, Pavilion Energy continues its momentum in expanding its LNG bunker logistics and supplies, and is committed to supporting our customers’ energy transition journey with LNG as a cleaner marine fuel.

Source: Pavilion Energy