Early September, Port of Antwerp purchased a new tug-boat after a successful trial period. The Multratug 6 was purchased as part of the renewal and 'greening' of the fleet. 

Port of Antwerp expands tug-boat fleet

As such, Port of Antwerp focuses on sustainable and energy-efficient vessels.

Since January, the technical and fleet operational department havebeen testing the Multratug 6, a Reversed Stern Drive tug-boat equipped with a rudder propeller. The tug-boat is more energy efficient due to its specific design and is equipped with an SCR to comply with IMO Tier III regulations that determine the emission of nitrogen oxides.

The Multratug 6 was rented as part of a training course on rudder propellers. In order to prepare the crews and technical staff of Port of Antwerp for the arrival of two more ships in December 2020 and February 2021, they will receive further training in the coming months. The new tug-boats are of the type RSD2513 from shipbuilder Damen.

Source: Port of Antwerp

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