DEME Offshore was awarded the full EPCI scope for 100 wind turbine foundations plus three offshore substation platform foundations in December 2018. To ensure a timely production flow, DEME Offshore contracted Lamprell for the fabrication of 45 wind turbine foundation jackets and three offshore substation jackets.

Last jacket to leave Dubai and head for the Moray East offshore wind farm

The remaining 55 jackets were awarded to Smulders, where the works are still ongoing on the fabrication yards in Belgium and Newcastle (UK).

Third OTM offshore substation installed

In another key milestone and despite the many challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, DEME Offshore successfully installed the third and final offshore OTM substation on schedule last weekend.

Bart De Poorter – General Manager DEME Offshore commented: “Managing to perform the seamless installation of the third offshore substation and keeping foundation production firmly on schedule are both something we can be proud of given the unprecedented challenges we have faced. This is only possible by meticulous management, thorough preparations and by working closely with our customer and partners.”