Saudi Aramco is aiming to secure ABS environmental protection notations for its fleet.

Saudi Aramco intends to achieve the ENVIRO notation for each of the 23-strong fleet of offshore support vessels, tugs, self-elevating units, and special purpose vessels. Seven vessels have already been awarded the notation, with the remainder of the fleet in the process of being evaluated.

Saudi Aramco Fleet Aims for Higher Environmental Standards

“Obtaining the environmental notation illustrates the Marine Department’s willingness to go well beyond basic compliance as part of our ongoing commitment to maritime excellence, and environmental protection in particular. This international accreditation confirms and consolidates Saudi Aramco's standing as a market leader in the field of Marine Environmental Protection,” said Abdullah Tewairqi, Marine Department Manager, Saudi Aramco. 

“ABS is committed to supporting the industry in reaching its environmental objectives and the ABS ENVIRO suite of notations sends a strong message that environmental impact has been fully considered. It is evidence of the commitment of owners and operators to meeting and exceeding international environmental regulations,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology. “The ENVIRO notation demonstrates both Saudi Aramco’s and ABS’ commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s higher environmental standards, and we are proud to be able to support Saudi Aramco in achieving their vision for a fleet that is equipped for greener operations.”

The ENVIRO notation identifies the level of compliance with international environmental protection requirements and integrates further ABS environmental protection requirements. The notation, together with the enhanced ENVIRO+ notation, was developed with the objective of promoting an environmentally focused design, construction, and operation of ABS-classed vessels.

The ABS ENVIRO suite of notations is popular with shipowners, with more than 1,100 vessels in the global fleet holding one or more of them.

Source: ABS