On April 27, Hudong Zhonghua, a subsidiary of CSSC, named and delivered the fourth 23000TEU dual-fuel powered container ship "CMA CGM Concorde" to CMA CGM.

Hudong Zhonghua delivered the fourth 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container ship to CMA CGM

This is the seventh ship of the same type delivered by Hudong Zhonghua and Jiangnan Shipyard under CSSC since September 23, 2020, as China is becoming a global center for the construction of very large dual-fuel powered container ships.

"CMA CGM Concorde" is the seventh of nine 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container ships ordered by CMA CGM from China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

The 23,000TEU container ship built in 2018 is the world's first to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its main power.

"CMA CGM Concorde" has a total length of 399.9 meters, a width of 61.3 meters, a depth of 33.5 meters, and a deck area of 23,978 square meters.

Compared with fuel oil, LNG can reduce 99% of sulfur and fine particulate matter emissions; Reduce 85% of nitrogen dioxide emissions and up to 20% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: Xinde Marine News