FKAB Marine Design presents the new building project of 1 x 11 700 m3 bitumen tanker, ordered by McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd. Canada at Wuhu Shipyard Co. Ltd.

McAsphalt in Canada orders new Bitumen vessel

This state-of-the-art FKAB design is based on McAsphalts Bitumen’s high quality requirements and harsch envoirment in Great lakes in Canada with a focus on low environmental impact, long-term operation, high flexibility, and very low fuel consumption, using the FKAB’s proven modern lines with F-Bow.

The design is a Bitumen & Oil Product tanker with independent cargo tanks for bitumen and asphalt.

The propulsion system consists of twin skeg with 2 x four stroke DF main engine with CP-propeller using LNG/LBG as main fuels.

It is designed with full battery / UPS power, preventing from black outs.

FKAB marine design will also be involved in Basic and Detail Design, through both FKAB Sweden and FKAB China offices.

FKAB continue to show our strength in the segment of Bitumen tankers and have at the moment three different ongoing designs contracted at yards in China.

  • Rubis Group, 15 000 DWT Bitumen tanker with integrated cargo tanks, diesel electric propulsion and extremely shallow draft
  • Continental Bitumen, 21 000 m3 with independent cargo tanks, dual fuel and batteries
  • McAsphalt, 11 700 m3 with twin screw propulsion for Great Lakes