Wan Hai Lines Ltd. held ship naming ceremonies for WAN HAI 365 and WAN HAI 367 accompanied by a charity donation on June 02 at Japan Marine United Corporation ARIAKE Shipyard. Wan Hai Lines Ltd. and Japan Marine United Corporation have deployed the third batch of their 3,055TEU series ships, totaling twelve vessels. WAN HAI 365 and WAN HAI 367 are the 1st and 3rd vessels in the series of 3,055 TEU.

Wan Hai Lines Holds Ship Naming Ceremony for New Vessels accompanied by a Charity Donation

They are all built by Japan Marine United Corporation ARIAKE Shipyard. For the ship naming ceremony, Ms. Fumiko Toshiro and Mr. Tomohiro Birukawa, Chief Overseas Logistics Section, Logistics Division Operation Management Headquarters of Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation will name WAN HAI 365. 

Mrs. Mai Shimada and Mr. Hiroyuki Shimada, President of Eagle Shipping Japan Ltd. will name WAN HAI 367. The design 3,055 TEU series takes energy efficiency and environment friendly aspect into account. These two series are equipped with full balanced twisted bulb rudders and pre-swirl fin, and all the ships delivered are certified with “Smart Ship” notations. 

These new vessels are part of Wan Hai Lines’ efforts to pursue fleet upgrading in order to provide the best quality service to customers. In addition to naming the newbuilding, Wan Hai Lines also made a charity donation of necessities to two charities in Japan – Fujisakidaidoen and Hiroshima Shudouin. The company hopes this small token could benefit the local community.

The charity donation represents part of Wan Hai Lines motto, “We carry, we care.”, as the company is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by providing quality service to customers and bringing love to society.