In a special ceremony hosted at its premises, PPA S.A. entered a partnership with the Port of Guangzhou in China, ranking among the top 10 largest commercial ports globally. The MoU was signed by the Deputy CEO of PPA S.A. Mr. Panagiotis Tsonis and the Deputy General Manager at Guangzhou Port Group Mr. Song Xiaoming.

PPA S.A.: Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Port of Guangzhou in China

Under this Memorandum, the governing bodies of both ports committed to enhancing their partnership, establishing a lasting alliance that anticipates present and future challenges.

Furthermore, both parties pledged to escalate joint endeavors towards investments aimed at transitioning into environmentally sustainable ports and exploring innovative solutions to minimize carbon emissions. Finally, they agreed to closely collaborate on port digitization and automation, ensuring a continual exchange of expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Mr. Yu Zenggang, Chairman of PPA S.A., expressed profound satisfaction at the signing of the cooperation between the ports of Piraeus and Guangzhou.

Caption: Standing row: (left to right)
Sun Xiuqing (Director General of the Guangzhou Port Authority), Yu Zenggang (Chairman of Piraeus Port Authority S.A.), Ioannis Moralis (Mayor of Piraeus), Sun Zhiyang (Mayor of Guangzhou), Xiao Junzheng (Chinese Ambassador to Greece), Zhan Decun (Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Government)
Sitting row: (left to right)
Panagiotis Tsonis (Deputy CEO of Piraeus Port Authority S.A.), Song Xiaoming (Deputy General Manager at Guangzhou Port Group)

He stressed that for PPA S.A. fostering continuous development, progress, modernization and technological advancement through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and advanced technologies, is paramount in addressing global challenges such as climate change and is a pivotal strategy for port management and decision-making in the port of Piraeus.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation Memorandum was attended by the Mayors of Piraeus and Guangzhou, Mr. Yiannis Moralis and Mr. Sun Zhiyang, along with the esteemed Ambassador of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Junzheng.

Source: Piraeus Port Authority