On June 5, at the Posidonia 2024 international shipping exhibition in Athens, Greece, China Ship Design & Research Centre (CSDC) was awarded Approval in Principle by Bureau Veritas (BV) for its latest ammonia-fueled MR chemical tanker design. This project is one of the key products in CSDC's VENUS series of tankers, aiming to address increasingly stringent environmental standards and provide new solutions for the sustainable development of the shipping industry.

CSDC Receives AiP From Bureau Veritas For New Ammonia-Fueled MR Chemical Tanker Design

CSDC has been committed to promoting innovation and sustainable development in ship design. This collaboration with BV underscores the technical and professional strengths of both parties. The new ammonia-fueled MR chemical tanker will utilize advanced technology to optimize safety, reliability, and environmental performance.

The design will feature the following characteristics:

Advanced Ammonia Fuel System: Leveraging CSDC's experience in ammonia fuel design from NEWCASTLEMAX and ULTRAMAX vessels, this tanker adopts a safe and reliable ammonia fuel storage and supply system to ensure efficient fuel utilization and operational safety.

Efficient Power System: Equipped with the WINGD6X52DF-A ammonia-powered dual-fuel engine and an efficient propulsion system, coupled with a shaft generator system to enhance the vessel's energy efficiency and performance, achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Flexible Cargo Loading Capacity: Through collaboration with a renowned team of chemical tanker operation experts, the ship's design can be flexibly configured according to different cargo needs, accommodating various chemical transportation requirements.

The collaboration between CSDC and BV on this project introduces new opportunities for the development of ammonia-fueled vessels. Going forward, BV will continue to work closely with CSDC and other stakeholders to continuously optimize ammonia-fueled ship designs, driving the sector towards a greener and more sustainable future.