The Suez Canal Authority has announced its decision to extend discounts for various types of ships and tankers until the end of the current year. This decision aims to facilitate maritime trade and promote the use of the Suez Canal as a vital shipping route.

Suez Canal Authority decides to expand discounts on shipping services

According to a statement released by the authority, the discounts will continue to be offered to loaded or empty dry bulk cargo ships operating between ports in Australia and northwestern Europe, starting from the port of CADIZ and extending northward. Additionally, reductions will be maintained for dry bulk cargo ships operating between ports in the eastern Americas and ports in Brazil, as well as ports in the Asian region.

Furthermore, the Suez Canal Authority will extend discounts for dry bulk cargo ships operating in both directions between ports in Mauritania and ports in the Arabian Gulf, India, and the Far East. These measures are aimed at incentivizing shipping activities along these routes and enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of maritime transportation services.

The extension of these discounts underscores the Suez Canal Authority’s commitment to supporting global trade and fostering economic growth through the facilitation of maritime logistics. By providing financial incentives for shipping companies, the authority aims to maintain the attractiveness of the Suez Canal route and encourage increased utilization of its services by vessels traversing between key global trading hubs.

Source: MENAFN