The average megayacht spends more than 130 gallons of fuel per hour and that happens when the vessel is not in use. It is obvious that megayachting is not environmentally friendly and it is an endeavor that costs billions.

However, currently the team at Feadship has arrived at a more environmentally-friendly possibility, named the hybrid megayacht. The company is famous and headquartered in the Netherlands. It is a yacht constructor that has just started “Savannah”-the first international hybrid megayacht. The external appearance of the 273-foot vessel resembles a general diesel-consumer with five levels, massive decks and a swimming pool.

However, a closer look under the hood (or the main body of the ship) exposes a vessel with a greatly forward-operating power system. It possesses one diesel engine (unlike the usual ones with two), a group of massive batteries and three diesel-electric generators.

The outcome of the construction is a vessel that is 30 percent more fuel operative compared to the vessels of the same size. Feadship refuses to spread real numbers of the fuel usage. However, it has stated that the power systems and the ship’s extra-thin forward part and supremely forward-based propeller design have turned it into both a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way of propulsion. That result can be obtained within the frames of a superyacht that is made-to-measure.