The Melek B was one of the three laid-up unmanned cargo ships that were pushed aground in the Nemrut Bay, Aliaga, due to a heavy storm which hit the area yesterday.

The second vessel, Gofer B, began drifting at 1 p.m. towards the direction of the Çandarlı Sewn Quarter. During the 3-4-mile drift in severe wind conditions that reached a speed of up to 55 knots, the ship created a danger regarding shipping and was thus monitored by the Turkish Coastguard's Alo 158 until it ran aground. At 10 p.m. the guard aboard the Melek sent out a distress signal to UZMAR Nemrut Kılavuzluk via his cellphone.

A Nimrod aircraft was deployed to carry out a surveillance flight. However tugs could not manage to intervene due to the harsh weather conditions. Each one of the three ships had been anchored in the Cakmakli area, with one guard aboard the Gofer B and Melek B while the third vessel sent adrif, Bodyer, was unmanned.

All of the three vessels dragged anchors and were pushed aground. In early morning today the two guards aboard the Gofer B and Melek B were evacuated via a helicopter of the Air Force with the guard aboard the Melek B being hoisted at 5.52 a.m and the guard of the Gofer B respectively at 6.023 a.m. Both of them were safely transported to Aliaga at 6.42 a.m.

The three ships in question had been in lay-up since the end of 2012. Plans were for the salvage works to begin when the storm passed. The Bahri Reis 2 of the Katip Çelebi University also managed to break loose from its moorings which resulted in it drifting aground in the Güzelbahçe port.

Video Gofer B in storm