DP World Limited operated with 60 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) across its international portfolio of container terminals during 2014. The total container volumes increased by 8.9% as being announced. The increase was also 8.0 % on a like -for-like 1 basis. The announced growth of volumes was caused by new volume at London Gateway (UK) and Embraport (Brazil). The rise in 2014 was excessively provoked by Indian Subcontinent and Asia Pacific regions, UAE and Europe terminals.

Image: London Gateway

For example, UAE produced an extremely large accomplishment operating 15.2 million TEU which appeared as yearly increase of 11.8%. Europe marked a stable return to the 2014 volume increase. As an established 2 level, the terminals of the company operated with 28.3 million TEU during 2014 which was 9.5% betterment in like-for-like 3 accomplishment. The reported level of increase was 8.7% in established volumes and that was a result of the Hong Kong’s assets deconsolidation in June last year.

According to Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the 8.9% volume increase in 2014 showed an over-performance above the anticipated 2014 market increase of nearly about 5%. That manifested the proper strategy to be executed under the form of an origin and destination freight portfolio and markets that enlarged quickly. The 2014 brilliant accomplishment was due to the evolution of London Gateway and Embraport. The Jebel Ali port flagship went on maintaining very high volumes of 15.2 million TEU dealt with in 2014. The operating with a supplement of 2 million TEU capacity in 2014’s third quarter had relieved obstacles and would supply the needed capacity for the reaching of additional volume increase at the port. The additional 2 million TEU was anticipated to appear during the second half of this year and that would mean the total Jebel Ali capacity would become 19 million TEU.

Sultan Sulayem further commented that having in mind the 2014 steady volume performance the anticipation would be to fulfill the market demands throughout the whole year. The future observation of 2015 showed many thrilling accomplishments as for example the new capacity appearing in Turkey, India, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, the building of a logistics centre in Belgium and the construction of additional integrated ports and logistics developments for the clients with the conclusion of the JAFZA acquisition. Despite the fact that some of the company’s terminals proceeded to work in a demanding macro environment the 2015 market’s picture of the portfolio was anticipated to remain generally good. The new capacity added to that market conditions produced favorable media for the volume increase that was conforming to and even a little bit ahead of the this year’s market.