The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has come up with demands towards Allseas Group SA, the owner of a vessel that honours the convicted Nazi war criminal Pieter Schelte, to immediately change the name of the ship in question.

The Pieter Schelte is a Panamanian flag of convenience ship, under contract with Shell according to which it has to service the company’s Brent platforms that are located on the UK continental shelf. It was named in honor of the Allseas Group’s owner’s father, who was in fact a Nazi Waffen-SS officer.

Pieter Schelte

Paddy Crumlin, ITF president, commented that the ship’s name was nothing but a disgrace and that it should be banned from UK and European waters in general.

“I find it utterly shameful for Allseas to name its ships after a convicted Nazi war criminal,” he stated.

“To even entertain the thought of honoring a Waffen-SS officer just demonstrates how sick, arrogant and out-of-touch Allseas management really is.

“I also have to point out Allseas’s numerous efforts and attempts of driving down safety regulations and working conditions for sailors. It is this very same group that the Australian Government is taking its lead from in regards to driving changes to its offshore arrangements.

“This Allseas decision to honor a Nazi war criminal comes as a valid reminder to the world of the sort of outfit Allseas Group is in reality.”

Steve Cotton, ITF general secretary, had this to say:

“One can hardly believe that Allseas would have a ship that honors a senior Nazi war criminal operating in European waters. This act can be comprehended as nothing other than a distasteful insult. The Pieter Schelte should be banned from operating until its name has been changed.”

Pieter Schelte

Images: Ed van Dort