The Chilean Navy has managed to evacuate the 89 passengers and 31 crew members that were on board the cruise vessel Skorpios II at the time it ran ashore on the 5th of January around fourteen kilometres south west from Puerto Montt.

Scorpios II

Image: nacion

Navy officials commented that the larger portion of the 89 passengers aboard the cruiser were foreign tourists on a sightseeing tour. All 120 people including the crew members were safely evacuated from the cruise ship. No injuries have been reported.

The small cruiser departed from the port of Castro just before dawn, and it ran aground shortly before managing to send a distress signal to Chile’s Maritime Authority at 6:46 a.m. local time.

Scorpios II Grounded

Scorpios II Grounded Chillie

Images: DF

The cause behind the incident remains unknown at the current moment.