A video posted on YouTube by Yara International introduces the smalles tin the world marine scrubber.  

Due to the Green Tech Marine® Scrubbers’ extremely small footprint and low weight, we can conclude that they are suitable for virtually any kind of vessel, be it a new build or a retrofit even. The scrubbers can be custom-made to fit any engine size there is. They fit 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke engines along with boilers in order to efficiently minimize their footprint. You will need roughly the same space to install the rubber that you needed when you installed the silencer before it.

SOx reduction - Introducing the world's smallest marine scrubber from Yara Marine Technologies

By opting to use Green Tech Marine® Scrubbers, shipowners will be able to continue operating on heavy fuel oil and not on the more expensive marine gas oil, while at the same time manage to stay comfortably below the strict IMO requirements about sulphur emissions. Expectations are that fuel prices of marine gas oil will rise even higher, particularly with the entering into force of the 0,1% sulphur limit.

The Green Tech Marine® Scrubbers are an easy solution to comply with the new environmental regulations by just replacing your vessel’s exhaust silencer – no structural modifications are needed.

You will also get to experience numerous benefits with:

•Proven reduction of SOx and PM, that are in compliance with MARPOL Annex VI – MEPC 58 and 59

•Hybrid scrubber – offers both open and closed loop operation

•Greatly reduced footprint

•Almost no change regarding stability conditions due to low weight


Yara International ASA managed to acquire 63% of Green Tech Ma