At the end of this past week Vroon’s bulk carrier vessel, the Scandinavian Express, left drydock at the Zhoushan Changhong Shipyard in China, where she is now going through her first special-survey repair-related period. The carrier’s hull-coating work was finished as it was reported and the entire docking period will be completed later on this week if everything goes as scheduled, the company commented via a press release.

Scandinavian Express

As part of the process, the carrier has been equipped with a Propeller Boss Cap Fin (PBCF) in order to optimize propeller efficiency. The Scandinavian Express vessel is the last out of the four Vroon Post-Panamax bulk carriers to now have a PBCF, which will potentially result in up to a 5.8% drop regarding fuel consumption levels.

The installation processes and commissioning related to any other fuel-saving equipment, like flow meters, torque meters and frequency controllers is to be finished in the several weeks to come.