The  nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal has been ordered by GAC Russia to go on a journey passing through the Northern Sea Route. That has sent the sign for the launching of an agreement lasting throughout the whole year and concluded with Atomflot- a Russain state business organization.


Personnel in Moscow, Murmansk and Novorossiysk has removed all the impediments to assure all things have been arranged concerning the Arctic class icebreaker Yamal's preparation to depart from the Atomflot base just outside Murmansk. The journey represents an obligatory tour in the seaway that cuts the way between Asia and Europe with thousands of miles.

The icebreaker belongs to the Atomflot group of five ships of the same kind-four vessels with a special purpose, one atomic lighter carrier and a floating crane that is put into operation for the purpose of clearing passages and escorting ships to the North Pole and through the Northern Sea Route. The concord between GAC Russia’s agency and Atomflot has been concluded after the two counterparts’ joint work to produce a technical proposal of all the details of the vessel’s demand.

After establishing a connection with the appropriate port and immigration authorities, Denis Palatov- GAC’s Murmansk Shipping Supervisor has made possible the usage of two towing boats, accompanied by a pilot and the needed allowances for the Yama’ to depart from the base.

However, because of thick fog and a great quantity of snow the departure has been postponed and he has confronted the circumstance of remaking all the arrangements starting from the beginning. Denis has observed the weather and has supplied meteorological information with regularity to the Master. Upon establishing the fact that visibility has cleared he was capable of announcing the good news that the vessel was set to launch her travelling.

According to Arkady Podkopaev, GAC Russia’s Managing Director, the company’s manipulation with the ‘Yamal’ and its agreement with Atomflot compose an integral part of the strategy to position the company as the preferred supplier of support services for vessels passing through the provoking Northern Sea Route.

The agreement also provides for the establishment of husbandry services to ‘Lenin’-a floating museum dealing with history and the first atomic icebreaker that started operating back in 1959. The latter is a 16,000 ton vessel and it has been kept for future use 30 years later to become a museum ship. The ship is still entirely equipped and crewed and is still able to perform tasks. The conditions of the persisting sanctions determine the capability of GAC Russia to operate.