Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. came out with an announcement today related to a program aimed at recycling "lashing belts," which are used by seafarers to hold down vehicles aboard car carrier vessels.

This is the first such scheme in the ocean shipping industry. It will contribute not only to making it easier for resources to be recycled and reused, but it will also open up numerous jobs that will employ disabled people, the company stated in its press release.

Glorious Ace

Until now, when lashing belts reached their useful lives’ end, they were treated as strictly industrial waste. Taking into consideration the fact that there are enough belts being thrown away to merit recycling, MOL has decided to deliver them to a recycling company in Oita Prefecture in order to successfully recycle them.

Also, MOL has appointed all work regarding the belts’ preparation stages for recycling to an NPO that supports jobs for disabled people. This is part of MOL’s numerous efforts aimed at contributing to the society by providing employment support for the disabled.