Two warships belonging to Poland’s naval forces collided in the Baltic Sea while maneuvering.

"ORP Gen. T. Kościuszko

"ORP Gen. T. Kościuszko" by Łukasz Golowanow gave information about the fact that the two touched each other slightly. The two vessels involved in the accident were namely the missile frigate General Tadeusz Kościuszko (obtained by Poland as an American present in 2002) and the rescue vessel Lech. The warships were expected to take part in maneuvers for an additional week. However, on Wednesday, February 18, the warships had to go back to the base-the port of Gdynia.

The incident took place a couple of days earlier-on Monday, February 16, in stormy seas. It was stated without proof that the reason was the error made by one of the ships during maneuvers. A commission was organized to find the reason behind the accident.

Both vessels are being assessed for damage. The preliminary data shows the vessels have sustained small damage and won't stay long in Gdynia.