NYK has announced the kick off of the Trans Pacific Express Service (TPX Service), a car transport service aimed at interlinking Mexico, North America, and East Asia.

Viking Drive

On the 28th of January, the car carrier Viking Drive sailed off from Acapulco, Mexico, on the inaugural voyage of the service with finished cars that were previously loaded in Mexico and North America. On February 19th, the carrier arrived successfully in Yokohama to initiate the East Asia off-load, as the company reported via a press release.

The service in question is the first nonstop car transport service operating from Mexico’s west coast to North America’s west coast, and from both Mexico’s and North America’s respective west coasts to China. NYK will be attemptting to accommodate export demand of finished cars from Mexico, additionally to car logistics for China, where import demand is steadily growing. The planned frequency for the service is currently in the range of one to two sailings on a monthly basis.