The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has detained a cargo vessel in Unalaska due to alleged environmental crimes.

The Lindavia ship arrived to the port from China a few weeks ago. Kevin Feldis, who is with the U.S. Attorney's Office, commented that the 600-foot carrier was loading up with seafood to transport back to Asia. The ship was, however, detained before it could manage to depart.


"Currently the crew members remain in Dutch Harbor, and they are to stay there during the ongoing investigation," Feldis added on Tuesday.

He is working together closely with the USCG on the case, but could not add any further details about the alleged violations, citing the open investigation.

Peggy McLaughlin, Unalaska Ports Director, comments that the Lindavia was chartered by Maersk Lines. This was the ship’s first visit to Unalaska, but McLaughlin adds that it’s since been released from Maersk’s service. However, she was not able to elaborate whether or not that was a natural result from the current Coast Guard investigation.

At the moment the Lindavia is at anchor in Dutch Harbor. Feldis states that the vessel’s owner, in the face of the Germany-based company Dauelsberg, might post a bond in order to let the ship depart from the port while the investigation continues.