The NYK Group 2014 Report "Taking a step forward" was awarded for its excellence in the environmental reporting category at the recent 18th Environmental Communication Awards.

The awards are carried out in a joint-sponsorship between the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and the Global Environmental Forum, which is a non-profit Tokyo-based organization.

This marks the third straight time that NYK Group has received an award at this event, the first one being the Sustainability Report Grand Prize (the Environment Minister Award) that the company was awarded back in 2012 and the second one being the President’s Award for Excellence that the company won in 2013.

The company’s annual report was highly evaluated due to the following 3 aspects:

1. The consolidation of NYK Group risks and opportunities into three priority topics aspects – i.e., environment, safety, and human capital development and their respective analysis
2. NYK Group’s clear indication of its desire of achieving sustainable growth levels and corporate-value improvement, such as by referring to ESG (environment, society, and governance) in the president’s message
3. NYK Group’s indication of the future prospects of each business area along with correlating financial data.

The company is going to continue with its detailed reports that manage to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of company operations, while also taking on numerous initiatives of approaching social issues and problems as a good corporate citizen would do and subsequently a sustainable global society.