A Bahamas-flagged cargo vessel that ran aground on Scotland’s west coast has now been refloated.

Stornoway Coastguard reported that the Fri Sea cargo ship went aground on Saturday morning while she was docking at Corpach.

There haven’t been any reports regarding injuries to the crew members or potential signs of pollution. All of the crew members have remained on board the ship.

The Burhoui had been appointed to the location and made an attempt of pulling the Fri Sea clear on Sunday morning but failed. A second attempt of refloating the ship, that was carried out at roughly 20:00 on Sunday, proved to be successful.

Fri Sea grounded

Photo: Fort William Coastguard

Another vessel that was present at the scene, near Fort William, was unable to provide any assistance in order to move the Fri Sea at morning high tide.

The Fri Sea, which is operated by the Kopervik Group, was scheduled to collect a load of timber.

Another cargo vessel of the Kopervik Group, the Fri Ocean, ran aground in the Sound of Mull back in June of 2013 while transporting a cargo of timber en route from Corpach to Varberg in Sweden.