The tug boat Sea Bear sank off Fire Island, New York on Saturday resulting in the death of one crew member, identified later as the on-duty captain, while three others were successfully rescued from the freezing water by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

The vessel sank off Fire Island as it was returning to New York from the area's Shinnecock Inlet, as commented by Mark Averill, Coast Guard duty officer in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Sea Bear sent out a distress call reporting that it had started taking on water. The Coast Guard replied and dispatched rescue boats along with a helicopter.
Limited by heavy fog, the rescue teams managed to find the three seafarers in the 37 Fahrenheit water after approximately 45 minutes of intensified searching. All three of them were fortunately wearing protective immersion suits.

Last reported position of Sea Bear

The fourth crew member’s body, who had not been wearing an immersion suit, was pulled from the ice-cold water, Averill further added. Officials are now investigating the potential causes behind the sinking.