Sweden has placed an order for two new submarines from constructors Saab Kockums. The A26 subs are scheduled for delivery by 2022 and are going to cost a total of up to SEK 8.2 billion ($945 million).

Sweden places order on new submarines

"This move on our part is the biggest single decision when regarding economic investments that we are going to make during the duration of this current parliament. The decision, which is going to be formally made by the cabinet on Thursday, is aimed at ensuring Sweden’s submarine capability past the year 2030", commented Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist.

"These two vessels are part of the next generation of submarines. They are going to be on the cutting edge of technology", he further added.

On Thursday the government will authorize the armed forces to place an order for the two submarines, Marinette Nyh Radebo, spokeswoman for the Defense Ministry, said.

Sweden’s government plans to increase its defense expenditure by a handsome margin over the next couple of years, citing a worsening security situation, more exactly Russian activity in and around the region of the Baltic Sea.

Defence and security company Saab is to welcome the Swedish Minister of Defence, Peter Hultqvist’s announcement of investing in the two next-generation A26 submarines.

Sweden places order on new submarines A26

Saab has not received any order regarding the production of the new submarines but the company looks forward to the discussions, which are going to lead to an agreement and subsequently to an order for the A26 submarines. This will be part of a Letter of Intent that was signed earlier.

Saab and FMV (The Swedish Defence Material Administration) previously signed a Letter of Intent back in June of 2014 in relation to the Swedish Armed Forces’ underwater capability for the 9-year period of 2015-2024. The Letter of Intent centers around the support, development, design and production of submarines along with other various underwater systems, which are to amount to potential orders of roughly SEK 11.2 billion in total, given that the necessary decisions are agreed upon.

Sweden places order on new submarines to Saab

Source & Images: Saab Kockums