Wärtsilä added another item to its ship design portfolio by launching the brand new series of LNG Carrier designs that according to the company are an integral part of its strategic program of "Taking Merchant Shipping into the Gas Age."

New LNG carrier design series added to Wartsila portfolio

The series features four vessel designs - the WSD59 3K, WSD59 6.5K, WSD55 12K, and the WSD50 20K. All of them have been developed in a co-op effort with customers in order to lead to vessels that are appropriate when regarding the global LNG infrastructure as well as ones that are able to suit the needs of both ocean going and inland water operations. Fuel economy, performance guarantees, optional versions designed to comply with specific needs, as well as the flexibility to choose certain features and solutions have been emphasized in each case.

"Wärtsilä Ship Design has managed to make up an extensive reference list that dates all the way back to 2003 regarding various ship designs for LNG fueled vessels. The experience and know-how that the company has been able to acquire over the course of these 15 years has been employed for the means of developing this new series of world class designs regarding LNG Carriers," comments Riku-Pekka Hägg, VP, Ship Design, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

"The entire concept behind these current designs is aimed at enabling the lowest possible fuel consumption, allowing each owner to select that particular ship design which is compliant with his company’s needs, and providing shipyards with the most convenient as well as cost effective packages possible."

The WSD59 3K design has to offer fuel consumption of 7.5 t/d at a service speed of 14 knots. The design draft is 4.75 m. The fuel consumption regarding the WSD55 12K design vessel is 13.5 t/d along with a service speed of 14.5 knots, which makes it the best vessel of its entire class. The design draft is 6.2 m. The fuel consumption of vessels that use as basis the WSD50 20K design also happens to be the best in its class with a level of a18.1 t/d and at a service speed of 15 knots. The WSD59 6.5K design comes along with a fuel consumption level of 11.0 t/d at a speed of 13 knots. The design draft is 5.8 m.

All of the latest designs were developed in the Wärtsilä Ship Design offices located in China and Poland. They are going to be a part of the CMA Shipping conference and exhibition that is scheduled to be held in Stamford, CT this week.

Source & Image: Wartsila