The giant Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, along with her 5,000-man crew, has arrived in Portsmouth which happens to be only the first stop of a worldwide tour.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, which measures at an astounding 4,5 acres, was initially to dock at the Royal Navy base of Portsmouth, but due to her being too large she was anchored off Stokes Bay.

The ship’s crew is now all set to enjoy a holiday at England’s southern tip as they prepare to take part in a seven-day long shore leave, which according to some reports, will be netting in millions of pounds for the local economy’s benefit.

The USS Winston S Churchill destroyer is accompanying the USS Theodore Roosevelt on its journey.

Video: Wonkabar007

During their stay, the US Navy has organized a friendly football match against their respective British counterparts.

 "This is simply great news for Portsmouth because it means that a lot of money is going to get poured into the local economy, as well as strengthen the ties between the British and American Navy," commented the Portsmouth council leader, Donna Jones. 

According to various estimates, the potential benefit to the local area could amount to £1.5million.

"It is splendid to see US Navy carrier steel in Portsmouth. And in just two years’ time we will be seeing UK carrier steel here too," commented the Royal Navy's First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir George Zambellas.

The US Navy ship are to depart on Friday.