The tragic accident with Costa Concordia still attracts the public interest, as new facts have been brought to light.

The latest revelation of the investigators, who work on the case of the cruise ship which partially capsized over three years ago off the Italian coast and took the lives of 32 passengers, show that in the cargo were hidden a huge delivery of mob-drugs.

According to the experts working in the organized crime department, in charge of the case, there are tape recordings of ’Ndrangheta's gang members stating that drugs were hidden aboard. They also revealed, the same practice is used on board of ships owned by MSC and Norwegian Cruise Lines, which travel along European coast and Caribbean. For La Repubblica, investigators explained that the scheme had been performed without the knowledge of any of the managing officers on board, but still there had been a connection with members of the crew.

In the light of the latest news, yet there is just one person sentenced and this is the captain of the Costa Concordia - Francesco Schettino. In February 2015 the court confirmed his 16 years jail sentence for causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship before his passengers.