Thirteen people have been confirmed as missing following the capsizing of a cargo boat off Taiwan, as reported by Fujian province’s maritime bureau.

Maritime officials have stated that the Zhen he 168 cargo vessel capsized off Xiquan Island, Taiwan. The vessel’s owner, however, issued confirmation of the accident to the police 12 hours after the unfortunate occurrence.

A helicopter along with two patrol boats and two rescue vessels has been deployed to the ship’s last reported location in order to search the area. On Monday, the appointed teams managed to find some wreckage. The search has now been going on for 4 days straight but there has been no sign regarding any of the 13 seafarers that were onboard the Zhen he 168.

Zhen he 168 sinks in Taiwan Strait; 13 Seafarers Still Missing

Maritime Authorities have initiated an investigation of the causes behind the tragic accident.

During their preliminary investigation, officials stated that the vessel’s current registration with the maritime safety authority in Anqing, China has been revoked. The dredger’s owners are several investors in Ningbo.